The main key is to love your patients. Growth of dental clinics in India/anywhere in the world is happening by one and only same old trick and that is word of mouth.
The only difference in 2017 is that the word of mouth has changed its shape and form, what is meant by this is that now 50% of Word of mouth in a rural areas is changed in to the online world and in urban areas 90% of word of mouth is changed.
That means, your patients sharing contents (like cases treated by you/information/ health care tips etc) you posted in your social medias & clinic’s website to their social media accounts (like facebook,whats-app,Instagram etc)  will be seen by patient’s friends,family and co-workers. And that is one of the key to double your growth in 2017.

6 tricks to make your dental clinic standout in this noisy dental world :

1.Keeping The Patients You Already Have.

In the beginnings your current patients are the only medium you have for communicating to the rest of the community (even if it is one person or ten).
Make current patients happy, Care about them, if you care about them they will remember you when they suggest a clinic to their family or friends or co-workers.
Wish them on their birthday, send them discount offer which one of their family member can use, for this you need to collect patients contact details like their Mobile number,email id and also family details. Family history will also even help you in diagnosing patients disease.

2. Self awareness is a must.

Know your clinic very well, Take a pen and a paper and write down the answers to the following questions

STRENGTH: What sets your Dental clinic apart from other dentists in your area? list every possible item that you can preserve and leverage to make your practice stand out.
THREATS: Are any issue your practice may have to anticipate, prepare and defend against?
WEAKNESSES: What are the biggest drawbacks you seeing in your clinic in the technologies you use, clinic’s appearance and patient management?.

Once you become aware about where you and your clinic is positioned, you’ll be able to determine where you need to improve and where to concentrate more and less.

3. Utilization Of Brochures.

Brochures placed in your office or mailed to new and old patients are an effective marketing tool.
Be very careful to not to make it look like a text book you read in dental colleges 😛 .
Go creative, Provide value in it, never talk about your strength you listed while answering the question in trick-2. But provide value by answering a common doubt among patients and printing it in brochures.
Or sometimes a brochure which yelling a big thank you! is enough for them to remember your clinic next time when they think about a dental clinic to go to.

4. Clinic’s Appearance And Attitude.

A dentist’s clinic is a direct reflection of the image he or she is trying to exhibit.
A clean and up-to date interior work plays an important role in patients mind while suggesting or choosing a dental clinic.

Also staff members with a great attitude are essential to make your clinic standout. Have your staffs greet your patients courteously,professionally and with a cheerful, lovely attitude.

The first person a patient meets in the office plays a crucial role in establishing comfort and confidence. Try to make your reception section as user-friendly as possible.
Providing internet to patients in the waiting room, area for kids to play, educational videos for patients. All of these little details will take your clinic to patient’s mind and emotions. Which is the main aim of marketing.

5. Make A Name Among Local Population.

You need to love the community in which your clinic is situating.
Attend local Functions and may be sponsor a local event. Make yourself visible and approachable to the community.

Use the facebook ad to promote your clinic among the community you are in. You know? there is an option available in facebook page ad to choose the location you want to run the ad in and it is awesome. Use it to reach the 50% of your patient if you are in a rural area and if you are in an urban are this ad will reach 90% of people who can be your patient in the future.

6. Create Your own Unique Offers.

Create offers which your patients can’t resist.
Like free consultation in the first visit. 5-10% discount on referring your clinic to a family member or a friend. Sent these promotions through email or sms to your old and new patients.

And don’t forget to spread and promote your offers in social medias (like facebook, Twitter, Instagram. Target every ad in to your location*. *it is very important ) . AND

“ before you market your practice,
you need to love your field and patients,
then success is assured ”


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