RCT, baby teeth- mind dentistry
RCT, baby teeth- mind dentistry

If your child has teeth you should know about the ‘Root Canal Treatment for the ‘baby teeth /milk teeth’.
Every normal teeth has an outer covering of enamel which is the hardest substance in the human body, and inside the tooth there is a tissue mass called “Pulp”. Our body is providing special protection for the pulp like how our brain is protected inside our skull. This shows the importance of pulp. Especially in children, pulp is necessary for the growth and proper development of the baby teeth.

But sometimes due to a deep caries or any trauma to tooth from any accident can damage the tooth’s pulp.

How will you know if the pulp is damaged & infected?

The first symptom is severe pain in tooth, which usually starts as a sensitivity while chewing food or drinking cold water.

So if the pulp of a not fully developed tooth is infected, dentists will do a procedure called “Pulpotomy”; It’s a  procedure where only the infected part of pulp is removed and replaced with medicaments and biocompatible filling materials. 

And if the tooth is a fully developed one or a complete removal of pulp is mandatory to save the tooth, a Pedodontist/Endodontist/General Dentist who had special training can do a “Pulpectomy”; It is the complete removal of pulp, (even from the roots which are not fully developed).

Difference between the root of a developing tooth and a developed tooth- source: 7daydental.com -(mind dentistry)-

But,what is the point of trying to save the baby teeth? .
Your child’s baby teeth will eventually fall out on their own right?.

well…..There are many reasons like, baby teeth help in speech,smile,chewing,confidence of child etc.But the one important reason why you should save the baby teeth is that it help in the proper alignment of permanent teeth in future.

So now think, you want to save your child’s baby teeth/milk teeth or want to spend money for orthodontic treatments later?….

“Every tooth in a child’s MOUTH is more valuable than a diamond”


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