Sunday, December 8, 2019

Oral cancer: How your dentist can help with early detection

How your dentist can help? “Dentists are specially trained to do a comprehensive examination of the neck and mouth to detect abnormalities,” says Dr Alexander....

Different teeth whitening options available to anyone

In-chair whitening In-chair whitening involves the use of a high strength peroxide, activated by shining a special light, and is completed within two hours. It...

what sugar do to your teeth?

first of all what is caries? Caries is a highly prevalent, chronic dental disease that causes destruction of tooth surfaces. -How is sugar related to caries? Sugar,...
dental crowns-minddentistry

How To Deal With A Broken Dental Crown

Dental Crowns are used for protecting your teeth that are highly prone to fracture especially after a Root canal Treatment. They also cover dental...

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