teeth whiteing
teeth whiteing

In-chair whitening
In-chair whitening involves the use of a high strength peroxide, activated by shining a special light, and is completed within two hours. It is ideal for time poor patients or patients with an impending event who require a fast result.

The results of the power bleaching procedures can be enhanced and maintained either in conjunction with at-home whitening, or through annual or bi-annual power bleaching procedures.

At-home whitening
The process of undertaking at-home bleaching begins with your dentist taking upper and lower moulds of your teeth to make custom-fitted bleaching trays, for your teeth.

Once you have received the trays, the procedure is very simple. Either on a daily or nightly basis you will need to wear your trays containing the appropriate whitening gel, as provided by your dentist.

The duration of wear can range from one hour per day while you watch TV or read a book; to overnight while you snooze. This procedure is repeated daily or nightly over a few weeks.

At-home whitening carries numerous positive. Namely, it places the control of whitening in your hands, allowing you to dictate how “white” your teeth become, before moving onto your “maintenance” phase.

It also doubles up later on as your maintenance system, allowing you to touch up the whiteness of your teeth. In addition, it allows our more sensitive patients to tailor their whitening procedure to their comfort.


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