Are you curious to know about the effects of GST on dentistry in India?

» First of all, as we know Dentistry is a Service not a product. And Healthcare Services are exempted from GST.

“The Goods and Services Tax (GST) Council exempted healthcare and education from the tax, which is scheduled to kick-start from July 1, Finance Minister Arun Jaitley said.”:- The Hindu

So Dentists don’t need to add GST on their patient’s treatment charges. But,
as a dentist who own a private dental clinic, you need to know this following important facts about the effect of GST on dentistry.

  • All material companies have Changed their taxation from 5-12% to 12-18%
    or up to 28% in few cases.
  • All standard laboratories have gone from 5% VAT to 12% GST. Means 7% rise on lab bills.
  • Tax for electricity, telephone,stationary,printing,magazines,maintenance ect went up from 5% VAT to 12% GST.
  • Staff salaries, Doctor’s salaries etc will rise as people have to compensate for the expenses due to implementation of GST.
  • And the clinic’s owners also see their monthly personal expenses as increased.

Although we say everyone that dentists don’t need to add GST on patients treatment bills, are dentists really “exempted” on GST after paying all above expenses?…

There is only one obvious solution for all the extra expenses mentioned above and that is RAISING TREATMENT CHARGES.

Need Some Idea On Raising Your Treatment Charges?

To compensate your extra expense and to avoid loss you can go for a minimum 10% increase on your charges.

And there is your inflation rate of
6-8%, which means every year your cost of same expenses increases at this rate. So that you can add 6-8% extra hike in charges other than the 10% mentioned above.

Totally 16-18% (10% GST+ 6-8% Inflation rate ) rise in charges is ideal for any private dental clinic.

After all it is very important to provide our services in an affordable and pleasant way to our patients. Implement a rise in charges only if you really gonna need it. 

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their Dreams.”

-Eleanor Roosevelt


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  1. Many thanks for the information and facts.
    It’s difficult to get a top quality and really useful tips.

    I will certainly try to use those on the next consultation with my dentist.

  2. Only would like to say many thanks for an amazing content.
    This just makes good sense. Once I talked with my dentist and he stated the same point I could not accept at first.
    I suppose that’s what it is.


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