how to deal with tooth sensitivity
how to deal with tooth sensitivity

If you always stay away from a cold/hot drink,or if you always struggle from agonizing pain while enjoying that hot piece of pizza. It may be time for you to talk to a dentist about that sensitive tooth you got. And yeah,sometimes other things like sweet and sour food or even a cold air can cause tremendous pain,right?.
Read on, if a sensitive tooth is affecting your quality of life.

So, why this tooth sensitivity?

Well, There’s a hard protective layer called enamel covering the outer surface of your teeth. And there is pulp inside the tooth which contain the sensitive nerves. Due to  the wearing away of enamel, a layer ( called ‘dentine’) near to the pulp is exposed,which leaves the sensitive nerve endings beneath it unprotected,and starts Sensitivity in that tooth.

What are the Causes & Cure for Tooth Sensitivity?

1.Tooth Decay.
Decayed tooth means, a tooth with no enamel,which means a pulp left unprotected,which means…..PAIN!

What to do?

– This is a very common reason for tooth sensitivity and you can control it by proper oral hygiene practice. Yeah… brush twice daily with a fluoridated tooth paste. cliche right?…. Deal with it.
– Try toothpaste made for sensitive teeth,some pastes contain an active ingredient called potassium nitrate. Which acts as a protective layer over the tooth. They don’t work for everybody,but it’s a best place to start.

2.Worn Enamel.
This is caused by your habits. Like brushing vigorously,using a hard toothbrush. Habit of nail biting. Biting hard substances etc.

What To Do?
– Brush with a medium/soft toothbrush and not brushing more than a full two minutes. Stop all the habits which can ultimately result in tremendous pain.
– Talk to your dentist and get the worn enamel fixed by getting a dental crown(a cap).

3.Worn Dental Fillings.
If you had done a tooth filling before. Sometimes sensitivity can cause in such tooth.

What To Do?
Consult your dentist and ask for a check up for any damage to the filling.
Get the old filling removed and go for a new filling.

4.Gum Recession.
If you’re over 40, it could be that your gums starts to wear and tear and pulling away from your teeth and uncovering tooth roots. Remember,tooth roots also got pulp so this cause severe sensitivity.

What To Do?
Tell your dentist if your gums are moving away from the tooth and tooth roots are getting exposed. It can may be due to other problems,like gum disease. In serious cases Dentist will go for a gum graft. Which is a method of covering the exposed root surface using a tissue form somewhere.

5.Cracked tooth.
If you have a cracked tooth. It is very obvious that there will be pain associated with it. Cracked tooth can be a result of an accident.

What To Do?
If it is a small crack that ends before your gums start,your dentist can fill it. If it is extending up to the tip or your tooth root, dentists have to pull it out.

The treatment for a sensitive tooth is according to the underlying problem. if your case is severe your dentist may have to go for a Root Canal Treatment to save you from the pain.





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