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sugar and teeth

first of all what is caries?
Caries is a highly prevalent, chronic dental disease that causes destruction of tooth surfaces.

-How is sugar related to caries?
Sugar, or any fermentable carbohydrate, is the most important food source for oral bacterial metabolism, which results in the production of acid, mainly lactic acid. This literally dissolves your teeth. Not only do these acids destroy your teeth; they also create an acidic environment that further assists growth and metabolism of these cavity-causing bacteria.

-All fermentable carbohydrates are involved in the caries process to some degree, but sucrose remains the biggest offender as it not only allows bacteria to produce acid but also facilitates attachment of even more bacteria. Complex carbohydrates, such as starch, interact with bacteria to a lesser extent and are thus less acid producing. The frequency, quantity, duration and physical form of dietary sugars all influence the caries process..


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