Dentists tend to think like a general physician when it comes to the business aspect of their dental clinic.

Most of them see their consultation as just a knowledge transfer process.

But you have to understand that traditional ways of consultation are not applicable in dentistry.

Patients should not just pay for your advice, they also should be paying for the facility and comfort they are getting from your dental clinic.

The real reason behind why dentists think like a general physician is;

Because of the lack of knowledge about how a business works.

Dentists get enough knowledge on dentistry from their dental colleges, but setting up a dental practice and growing it requires basic knowledge about how a business works.

You are raising capital and then you invest it in your clinic and you just wait for patients to come and when patients come, you charge 100 to 150 rupees for consultation! No business plan, no marketing plan and no branding. You just invested lakhs on this venture and you don’t know how you are going to grow.

Involvement of a dental clinic.

Both dentists and general physicians have the advantage of becoming their own boss. But, when it comes to dentistry having your own clinic is not that easy as a general physician.

Dentists make a huge investment initially to build a dental clinic with all the advanced technologies with an intention to provide quality services to their patients. Whereas a general physician doesn’t need such huge setups to provide their services. This demands the business oriented approach to your dental clinic.

What can a dentist do?

A dentist should start charging appropriate consultation fee;

As a dentist you have invested a lot on your dental practice with an intention of providing quality service to your patients.

Your patients are not just coming for your medical prescription. They are coming to experience the excellent service you provide in the comfortable facility of your dental clinic.

This is where a general physician and a dentist stand apart. A dentist cannot just charge 100 to 150 rupees and be able to continuously provide quality services utilising all the latest facilities.

You have extra costs to pay to keep your dental clinic in a good shape. And all those equipment and facilities are for the comfort of your patients.

So, stop thinking like a general physician when you charge for your consultation. You have to think about the costs involved in-terms of dental chair, electricity, equipment, assistants and other facilities available for your patients.

Raise your standards in consultation fee, set an appropriate minimum level after calculating the value you provide in terms of your expertise and how much comfort your dental clinic provides.


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