importance of professional DENTAL CLEANING
importance of professional DENTAL CLEANING

Well……we all know what will happen if we don’t brush our teeth for one day ( experienced right ? 😛  ) . Yeah, we know that it will affect our social life, relationships and even the way we smile. More than that low oral hygiene condition will even affect our confidence.

Brushing and flossing at home are essential. But to ensure that your teeth are healthy and thoroughly clean, you need an annual dental cleaning from a dentist.

Teeth are devices we use daily to chew different kinds of food. And do you know?, small crumbs of food may go in to the gap between your teeth and also in to the gum tissues which can cause serious problems later.

The food substances and microorganisms are buddies, they like each other, but their friendship is not good for our teeth, so we need to stop this by removing them from our mouth right?

For that dentists recommend you to brush twice daily (  it is very sad that even so many dentists we know are not following this 🙁 ).


But even if you brush twice daily also these deposits will develop by a year, sometimes even before one year. Yeah you heard it right, Tooth brushes can’t remove these deposits formed by minerals from your saliva and microorganism and stuffs!.
The only way to remove these deposits is by a professional dentist’s hands.

dental deposits which cannot be removed by brushing ( LOWER FRONT TEETH) -minddentistry
dental deposits which cannot be removed by brushing ( LOWER FRONT TEETH) -minddentistry

Some benefits of professional dental cleaning at least once in a year are.

1. Clean and bright smile.

Primary benefit is so obvious, that is, our teeth become more clean.

2.Prevent gum diseases.

Having your teeth cleaned can prevent Gum diseases which in future can leads to bone loss,cardiovascular disease, (Yeah dental infection can affect your heart too, we will tell you that in-detail some other time 🙂 “please, you should come back when we publish that article ) cancers and many other problems.

3.Early detection of dental disease.

During a dental cleaning its easy for your dentist to detect early signs of problems such as broken filling and dental decays and even cancer

4.Save money.

You can save a lot of money, cause keeping your teeth clean will help you stop spending money on expensive treatments later.

5. Prevents Bad Breath.

Helps to prevent the occurrence of bad breath.

Professional dental cleaning aren’t just for keeping your smile bright they can have a significant impact on your general health too .
But the problem is most of us don’t care.

Yeah, Dentists know people won’t start to go for annual professional dental cleanings just by reading an article or watching a video, cause people are very resistant to changes.
But, you be the change here, break some patterns and start seeing dentists once in a year and get your teeth cleaned. As Gandhi said;


“Be the change you want to see in the world”

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